Roastbeef with cumberland sauce

  • Fullsteam Oven
  • Cooking cycle: P05S / S05 / Tender meat at low temperature
  • 120 min
  • Meat



  • Roastbeef 1 kg
  • Crushed black pepper 5 g
  • Sea salt 10 g
  • Wholegrain mustard 30 g
  • Grated onion 1 pcs.
  • Olive oil 50 ml
  • Butter 82% 100 g

Cumberland sauce

  • Red onion 1 pcs.
  • Oil 30 ml
  • Red wine 200 ml
  • Orange zest 1 tbsp
  • Brown sugar 40 g
  • Cranberries 250 g
  • Blackcurrant jam 100 g
  • Salt, pepper to taste



  • Season the cleaned roastbeef with salt and pepper, then mix with onion, mustard and olive oil. Set aside in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours.
  • After marinating, put the meat into a roasting zipper bag, place the sliced butter on top of the meat.
  • Put in the oven set to the Tender meat at low temperature / P05S cycle.
  • After roasting, but before slicing, let the meat rest for about 10 minutes.
  • Serve thinly sliced roastbeef with cumberland sauce.

Cumberland sauce

  • Chop onions, fry in oil with wine, then add orange zest, sugar and cranberries.
  • Simmer until the right consistency is reached, then remove from heat and add black currant jam.
  • Season the sauce to taste.

Chef's suggestion:

Before serving, you can brown the roast beef in the 220°C grill mode for about 10 minutes to get a crispy crust.

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